Janey Jarvis - Clairvoyant, Spiritual Medium 
& Cosmic Numerologist
"Welcome to my website - www.oracle-mystic.com"
Janey has been Psychically Gifted since childhood, and
is the 7th generation Psychic,  over  30 yrs. exp.!

Welcome to my website
Janey Jarvis - Angelic Clairvoyant, Spirit Medium & Cosmic Numerologist

A happier more abundant life for you!

Customer Testimonials

I had a reading off Janey, and everything she saw for my future came true.  she is a very gifted lady! Jenny - 22 March 2015

Janey is a very gifted Medium - Helen , Wirral. 2015.

Janey was on Radio in London, she has such a wonderful sense of humour and had everyone at ease!  She is such a lovely, caring, sensitive Psychic! it was a pleasure to have her on the show! Ed - London - October 2014