Janey Jarvis - Clairvoyant, Spiritual Medium 
& Cosmic Numerologist
"Welcome to my website - www.oracle-mystic.com"
Janey has been Psychically Gifted since childhood, and
is the 7th generation Psychic,  over  30 yrs. exp.!

Welcome to my website
Janey Jarvis - Angelic Clairvoyant, Spirit Medium & Cosmic Numerologist

A happier more abundant life for you!

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from Nataliee - 10/5/17, from L.A., USA

Janey is an exceptional Psychic. I met her at a Psychic Convention,
and I was instantly drawn to her.  During that time I was in an unhealthy marriage,
Janey  instantly picked up on this, and predicted my divorce, 2 months there after.
She also predicted my career move, my house move, and future events.  I found her reading insightful and healing.

Testimonial from Linda 15/5/2017 - Wirral,U.K.
I had a Crystal Star Numerology Reading from Janey and Yipeee Janey is amazing
and has now sold our house, thanks to her wonderful spiritual talents!!! She even knew the price it would go for and the best dates for people to view the house to raise the energy for it to sell!!  Janey came to my home,i had the works, it sold, its worth it!!!
Thank you Janey and your Angels.