Janey Jarvis - Clairvoyant, Spiritual Medium 
& Cosmic Numerologist
"Welcome to my website - www.oracle-mystic.com"
Janey has been Psychically Gifted since childhood, and
is the 7th generation Psychic,  over  30 yrs. exp.!

Welcome to my website
Janey Jarvis - Angelic Clairvoyant, Spirit Medium & Cosmic Numerologist

A happier more abundant life for you!

Hello, I'm Janey,  (This is my Spiritual Journey), 

I have been Spiritually gifted from a little girl.  I am a normal woman from a Lancashire background.  As you can imagine coming from a Catholic Background family it was greatly not always understood, when at night at bedtime, I would see a figure at the end of my bed and I found it hard to go to sleep.  I later realised, I was seeing Spirit.

 Like most people, my parents want me to work in a "normal job" , I did it, but it was not mean't to be when spirit came through to me more and more.... I could not work in a corporate environment anymore and I have now been giving readings for over 27 yrs.

My Angels and Spirit Guides are wonderful, and I have given readings worldwide, to Celebrities, produced my own Cosmic Angels Numerology  Cards.  I now teach as a  Psychic and Medium Coach and have a course online.  But, most of all I lam passionate about my work as a Psychic and Medium, and love to help people.   I have been blessed by Spirit !

Love to you all, and I hope to see you soon,

Janey xxx