Janey Jarvis - Clairvoyant, Spiritual Medium 
& Cosmic Numerologist
"Welcome to my website - www.oracle-mystic.com"
Janey has been Psychically Gifted since childhood, and
is the 7th generation Psychic,  over  30 yrs. exp.!

Welcome to my website
Janey Jarvis - Angelic Clairvoyant, Spirit Medium & Cosmic Numerologist

A happier more abundant life for you!

Janey has trained and worked with Doreen Virtue.
and is an Angel Therapy Practioner and Medium.
Doreen said to Janey over lunch in Hawaii "No wonder your so Psychic!"  She knew!
Doreen Virtue is such a lovely person an so genuine.
I have given a reading for Princess Diana, and via Princess Diana to her butler,he didn't believe me at the time then wrote
about her spirit helping him afterwards in his book.
I was in contact with the Princess approx.
6 weeks before she passed. Janey is respected as one of the  most accurate psychics in the U.K.  As seen on T.V. and Radio!
The readings I offer :    Psychic, Palm & Rune Readings, and
Crystal Star Numerology Readings, (Please click on the Web store for more information).

Picture of Janey with DoreenVirtue

Video  testimonial of a reading I gave to Linda, (See How many time she won the Lottery with the Numerology numbers I gave her and more luck came in,!!!
click on the video to the right.